donaukapitän stands for socially relevant poetic stories.

Donau means 'danube' in German, a major river in Europe connecting many countries and cultures - the west and east, the north and south of Europe. In the same sense we want to explore connecting points by telling stories in the language of cinema.







Tuna Kaptan was born in Munich of Turkish parentage. He founded the production company donaukapitän in 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Theatre and Romance Studies. Later he studied at ENERC Film School in Buenos Aires and graduated in documentary film directing from University of Television and Film Munich. His films won noumerous awards at major international film festivals, among them "Two at the Border" at IDFA and „Turtle Shells“ at Dok Leipzig. His last film "Are you listening mother?" premiered at Clermont-Ferrand international Short Film Festival and was selected the most succesful German short film 2019. In 2023 he completed his first feature film "Rohbau". He's a member of the German Film Academy.