+++ New fund: ROHBAU gets a distribution fund by MFG Baden-Würtemberg and will be in German cinemas in autumn

+++ Neisse Film Festival: ROHBAU wins the audience award for feature film

+++ It's a wrap:  The shooting of ISHAQ (Short film) is completed. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

+++ Festival Achtung Berlin: ROHBAU is part of the official selection and is having its Berlin-premiere

+++ Festival Turkey Germany Nürnberg: ROHBAU is nominated for best film, best main cast and the human rights award

+++ International Filmfestival Würzburg: ROHBAU/ RAW MATERIALS is nominated for best feature film

+++ Duhok International Film Festival: ROHBAU/ RAW MATERIALS is part of the world feature competition

+++ Blickpunkt: Film: An interview with Tuna Kaptan on the work on ROHBAU

+++ Hof International Film Festival: At its world premiere ROHBAU wins the German Cinema New Talent Award     

+++ Bayerischer Rundfunk: Two TV-features on ROHBAU by Kino Kino and by Puzzle

+++ In PreproductionISHAQ funded by BKM and FFA is in preproduction for shooting in spring 2024

+++ New Project: The comedy REHA has received script development by FFA

+++ Festival Distribution: ROHBAU (fka THE FINE LINEis distributed by Missing Films

+++ VOD: TURTLE SHELLS is now free to watch at ARD-Mediathek

+++ New fund: THE FINE LINE receives a production fund of 350.000 € by MFG Baden-Würtemberg

+++ New fund: Our feature film ISHAQ receives a script development fund of 30.000 € by FFF Bayern

+++ New fund: Our short film ISHAQ receives a production fund of 30.000 € by BKM 

+++ German Movie Rating Board: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is rated particulary valuable

+++ Free TV Premiere: The German TV-Version of ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is now available online

+++ New Agency:  Director TUNA KAPTAN is now represented by Funke und Sterz Agency

+++ New Nomination:  ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is nominated for the German Human Rights Award

+++ New Feature Film THE FINE LINE is now in financing to be shot in 2021

+++ Shortfilm.deARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is the most awarded German short Film of 2019

+++ BerlinaleARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is shown at a special industry screening

+++ International Film Festival WürzburgARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins the Audience Award

+++ Short Cutz BerlinARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? receives a Special Jury Mention

+++ Watch online: TURTLE SHELLS is now featured by GuideDoc for Video on Demand 

+++ German Short Film AwardARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is nominated for Best Short Film 2019 

+++ Short Film Festival Cologne: An Honorary Jury Mention for ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? 

+++ Interfilm BerlinARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is shown in the German Competition

+++ First Steps AwardARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins the First Steps Award of the German Film Academy

+++ Antalya Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the Short Film Competition

+++ Oktober 2019ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? at BC Mexico, Show me Shorts, ISFFC and more festivals

+++ Encounters Bristol: UK-Premiere of ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? in the International Competition

+++ September 2019ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? at Nancy FF, Festival Silhouette Paris, Duhok FFDukafest

+++ AlpinaleARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Short Film in the International Competition

+++ DokuFest PrizrenARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the International Competition

+++ August 2019ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? at Kurdish FF Berlin, Open Place FF, Lessinia FF, FF Weiterstadt, 5 Seen FF

+++ June & July 2019ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of Mediterranean FF Split, FEST Portugal and Kurdish FF Paris 

+++ Cannes International Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the Cannes Edition by German Films

+++ Bucharest ShortCuts CineFestARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Student Film

+++ Solidarity City Munich: TURTLE SHELLS is part of the Offcial Program  

+++ Stockholm Independent Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Short Film

+++ Ankara International Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Short Film


+++ Filmfest DresdenARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Fictional National Short Film

+++ Skepto International Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins Best Short Film

+++ International Short Film Festival Landshut: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? wins the DaHoam Award

+++ Brussels International Short Film Festival: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the Next Generation Competition

+++ Tampere Film FestivalARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is part of the International Program

+++ International Film Week Regensburg: ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? is in the German Competition

+++ Puzzle/ Bayerischer Rundfunk: A detailled TV report on ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER?

+++ Filmfest Dresden: TURTLE SHELLS is part of the Open Air Program

+++ Clermont-Ferrand/ La Brasserie du Court: an interview with director Tuna Kaptan on ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER?

+++ Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival: The world premiere of ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER? 


+++ Residenztheater München: TURTLE SHELLS is part of an interdiscliplinary discussion

+++ Short Film Festival Cologne: TURTLE SHELLS wins the WDR AWARD