ISHAQ (long)





"Ishaq" is an emotional drama that tells the story of Silvi, who travels to a children's home in Iraq to bring her grandson Ishaq to Germany. Her daughter joined IS years ago, passed away, and left Ishaq orphaned. Silvi experiences many difficulties taking Ishaq out of Iraq.  Once in Germany she findes herself in a complex legal battle for custody and struggles with her own overwhelm and trauma.

When she encounters Layal, Ishaq's Iraqi grandmother, diverse backgrounds are dramatically illuminated. Together, they navigate challenges and hopes as they search for the best way to ensure Ishaq's well-being. Is there a shared future for them?


Writer/Director/Producer: Tuna Kaptan


Funds: FFF Bayern (script development) 


A german grandmother brings her orphaned grandchild from an IS camp in Iraq to Germany. Will she rise to the challenges?


In development

Release: 2026


Technical Data: Fiction, 90 minutes, 4 K,  5.1 Dolby SRD



A rescue centre for reptiles in Munich becomes the intersection of a Syrian refugee turtle and a German sergeant - a film in the midst of glass terrariums about animals, mankind and war.




Mr. Siebzehnruebl is 81.
Mr. Siebzehnruebl is a widower.
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Two young men smuggle Syrian refugees over the Turkish border to Greece. While Europe increases its border security the work of the two becomes more and more difficult.