Turtle Shells






European animal protection laws, German Armed Forces foreign operations and a seized turtle, whose shell was painted with the flag of the Syrian rebels. All converge at a reptile rescue centre in Munich, headed by Dr. Markus Baur. A German army specialist is learning how to deal with dangerous reptiles  – he must keep calm, catch, neutralize. Meanwhile, Baur informs the turtle's Syrian owner she's unlikely to get her animal back under European species protection law. A multi perspective film in the midst of glass terrariums exploring the connections between animal, mankind and war.


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Original Title: Schildkröten Panzer 


Writer/Director/Producer: Tuna Kaptan 


With: Kinda Alfaji, Ben, Markus Baur


DOP: Rebecca Meining  


Editor: Sophie Oldenbourg


Music: Masha Yulin, Aleksandra Koziol, Constanze Maestranzi, Kosta T


Sound: Victor Aleksandrovich, Jonas Heldt, Annika Sehn 


Narrator: Michael Kranz


Sound Design: Clemens Becker


Sound Mix: Rodolfo Silveira


In Collaboration with: University of Television and Film Munich 


Logline: The stories of a Syrian turtle and a German soldier intersect in a rescue centre for reptiles in Munich. 


Awards: Healthy Workplaces Film Award Dok Leipzig 2017

WDR Award Short Film Festival Cologne 2018


Festivals: DOK Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival

International Short Film Week Regensburg Short Film Festival Landshut

Istanbul International Film Festival

GoShort Nijmegen

DOK.fest Munich

Documentarist Istanbul

Filmamed Documentary Festival

Wendland Shorts

Pelicam Film Festival

Makedox Film Festival

DokumentArt Festival 

Aegean Docs

International  Short Film Festival Cologne

Human Right Documentary Days Izmir

Über Kurz oder Lang Murnau

Kisa Film Kolektifi Festivali Istanbul 

Filmfest Dresden

Status: Distribution through Donaukapitän


Release: October 2018


Technical Data: Documentary, 30 minutes, DCP,  5.1 Dolby SR





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Mr. Siebzehnruebl is 81.
Mr. Siebzehnruebl is a widower.
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